What is Markett?

Markett is a platform where marketers can make money on their own time by marketing their favorite brands. We connect high-growth brands with individuals and marketing teams to generate new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.

Why was Markett created?

High-growth brands are looking for a scalable way to get millions of people talking about their company. These companies want a solution that allows them to grow faster while being cost efficient and minimizing risk.

Why Use Markett?

Traditional Brand Ambassador and online affiliate or influencer programs have helped many companies achieve brand awareness and new user growth, but done right, are very expensive and time-consuming to manage and operate.

Common pain points that companies of all size face include:

  • Compensation: Paying people hourly is inefficient and doesn’t guarantee results
  • Processing: Payments, tax forms and paperwork eat up time and resources
  • People: Attracting the best talent then keeping them motivated, engaged and incentivized is an art.
  • Support: We offer a 24/7 full-service support team to ensure Marketter success

Our team has leveraged years of experience managing growth, customer acquisition, Brand Ambassador programs and street team initiatives for the world’s fastest growing companies in order to create a platform that makes this process frictionless.

How does Markett work?

The Markett platform works by allowing companies efficiently grow their business without the hassle. Companies only pay Marketters for new customers. The processes looks like this:

  1. Companies apply by creating a profile on our platform with basic information about their brand. Once accepted, they completing our simple onboarding process.
  2. At launch, each Marketter receives a personal promo code/link to acquire new customers
  3. Every time someone uses a Marketter’s promo code the Marketter earns cash
  4. Markett’s platform handles all payments, paperwork and provides ongoing support to enable rapid scalability

*Premium Brands can choose to be featured in the Markettplace™ for an additional fee

Where is Markett?

Markett is headquartered in Venice, California but our platform is available nationwide.

How does Markett decide which brands to partner with?

Markett looks at a combination of brand awareness, reach and value. In general, we tend to work most frequently with companies that have a national presence and are looking to get to the next level of new user growth. We select companies that provide interesting, unique or high quality products/services which are compelling and which our marketers are excited to use and endorse.